Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some video examples: SpinSpotting, annotation and editing news article

Last week we spent some time on a video project, the full fruits of which will call for videos of your de-spins. We decided to upload some portions of these videos. There are two here from which to choose (I suggest the second one).

The quickest one is simply me, Todd, doing some SpinSpotting; it shows how my cynical, pop-culture-addled little mind works and, much more importantly, it highlights what we call deep de-spinning. That is, in addition to the easier ways to be a SpinSpotter --highlighting reporter and editor opinion which creep into news, or calling out inaccurate information-- all of which teach our SpinBot what to find in all news, we show some deeper work can do to make news transparent (caution: I find deep de-spinning addictive). Use Spinoculars to reference source material, to out-link to additional information like a YouTube video. You can view that one, here.

The second video is, in effect, the longer version of the above, but it is eminently more interesting with the appearance of Amy McDougall, journalism teacher and SpinSpotter Community Manager. If you view only one of them, make it this one. Amy and I both talk about our excuse for existing and how groups can work together to be SpinSpotters the way some college students have already begun to function. SpinSpotter, featuring Amy, is here:

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