Thursday, November 6, 2008

Go on, take Spinoculars and run

Whether Obama's victory on Tuesday sent you on a jubilant high or felt more like an ideological punch in the gut, we the people of SpinSpotter are curious about something: Looking back at the mainstream media's election coverage, would you classify it as "fairly fair," "fraught with favoritism," or something in the middle?

One of our devoted SpinSpotters, Uriah, answered that question by taking our Rules of Spin and applying them to a different realm: videos. So, as you feast your eyes upon his thoughtful de-spin of a Fox News report on alleged voter intimidation in Philly, we hope it inspires you (as it has inspired us) to take your conceptual pair of Spinoculars with you wherever you go. And when you do, please share your findings with us so we can enjoy and showcase the fruits of your critical minds in action.

After all, while our main gig here at SpinSpotter is to promote transparency in the written news, we heartily welcome your de-spins of anything that strikes you as particularly biased: video news reports, neighborhood newsletters, or the nutritional label on your can of alphabet soup.

In short, take it and run with it, folks.

Check out Uriah's de-spin here.

Community Manager at SpinSpotter