Thursday, October 16, 2008

The New York Times on SpinSpotter and, well...

Wow. Richard Perez-Pena at the New York Times wrote an exhaustive piece about us. I got to meet Mr. Pena while in New York as I blushed and gushed my way through the incredible new lobby of the New York Times building which is very much like a modern art exhibit on the power of words. Mr. Pena asks tough questions but also really dug into where we are at the beta stage.

On the topic of coverage, we have gotten a ton of press and some spot-on criticism from bloggers (as well as some praise). I thank anyone who took the time to think about us at all, not to mentioning writing about our little start-up.

That said ... I really feel badly about this next entry:

We are seeing some early morning action with people teaching our system by de-spinning debate coverage. User name TMills sent this piece to me ... which, I regret to add, is from the folks at the Times who just favored us with very fair and very well done coverage (of course you can de-spin that, too). You'll need Spinoculars to see it's full glory.

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