Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A game conservatives play called 'name that party"

UPDATED: The New York Times is either watching SpinSpotter or thinks exactly like our user, TMills. They have adopted the user's edits word-for-word. Either way: Kudos to the Times!


I don't know how many conservatives -like me- deeply enjoy the voice and intellect of the Times' writers but are still bothered by their sometimes really obvious slants on the news. Maybe you will let me know. This morning the New York Times is an interesting study in comparative disclosure tactics---when to disclose or not disclose a politician's party affiliation, a game conservatives call "name that party."

1. Here is the way the Times covered Senator Ted Stevens---a corruptocratic Republican:

"Updated A federal grand jury has indicted longtime Senator Ted Stevens, Republican of Alaska, on charges of failing to disclose receiving gifts of services and construction work as part of a wide-ranging corruption inquiry involving public officials and corporations in his home state."

Here is how they covered Governor Rod Blagojevich: From SpinSpotter TMills emails:

If you want a fun look at some Rock Star Citizen-Editing, get Spinoculars installed and go see how TMills de-spun the Times.

In case you are curious:

Fox News and CNN played name that party, Yahoo! News (AP) and MSNBC.com correctly identified the governor as a Democrat.

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